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We are excited to have you a part of the HYC yoga family

You will feel great afterwards – The great thing about yoga is that you will get tremendous benefits from the poses no matter how deep you can go or how much you can do. We encourage you to keep showing up on your mat.

You will be Humbled – Don’t be surprised if the yoga kicks your butt, no matter how physically fit you are. Building strength and flexibility at the same time is a long term process. For hot classes, the combination of the heat and the specific sequence of postures makes for a humbling physical workout. We encourage you to listen to your body and take breaks as needed. Don’t hesitate to ask questions after class. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.

You will be Welcomed – Our teachers and students love yoga and they love it when new people come to try it. In fact, they’re always dragging their friends and family in to class to show them how great it is! We feel like the world would be a better place if everyone could enjoy all the amazing benefits a yoga practice has to offer.

On Your Journey

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