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Karma Crew Application

We are seeking energetic and dedicated people for our karma yoga exchange program

As a member of Hot Yoga Club Karma Crew, you are a crucial part of the studio’s mission to create a serene and CLEAN space for students to practice their yoga and build their consistent practice. Because of your dedication and competency, the studio is able to provide an atmosphere that supports students on their path to health and happiness. In exchange for your hard work, you are able to practice yoga at the studio an unlimited amount of times in order to grow on your OWN path to health and happiness.

The Agreement

1.5 hours a week of Karma Crew work in exchange for an Unlimited Monthly Membership for only $39/month (this is an auto-payment agreement). The 1.5 hours of work will be divided into 2 shifts – one-hour deep cleaning shift and one 30 minute light cleaning shift or the option of doing three 30 minute light cleaning shifts.

Please submit your application below