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Membership Cancelation

Need a break, no worries! During the cancellation process there are a couple of things you should know. We require a cancelation notice 1 week before your autopay. We do not offer refunds if we are not notified in advance. This will ensure we have ample time to complete the request prior to your next auto-pay deduction.

After submitting your cancelation request (management) will directly reach out via email and confirm that your membership has been canceled. If you have not received a confirmation email your account has not been canceled. You can email the studio directly at if you would like to follow up on your cancelation or to directly cancel with us and not via this form. This form is just a cancelation request.

** SPECIAL RATE MEMBERSHIPS – Canceling your membership will remove your special discount. In the future if you choose to rejoin you will no longer qualify for the discounted rate and will have to pay our current membership rates. If you would like to keep your locked-in special rate we recommended pausing your membership. (Student, Corporate, Military & Senior Discounts)

To request cancellation, or consult for better membership option that suits your schedule, send an email to: