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Class  Cancellation & No-Show Policies

All clients are solely responsible for reading and following our guidelines so everyone can have an enjoyable practice, while we maintain and sustain our community studio. By attending class you are agreeing to all our guidelines and policies.
Due to a large increase of last minute cancellations and no-show clients, we have been forced to instate new policies regarding your reservations. Please note, this is aimed to be a preventative measure rather than a penalty. Demand for our classes are high, no-shows and late cancels limit other members from participating in classes and is disruptive to our member community.
We kindly ask you not to ask us to break this golden rule, it is in place to ensure that our teachers are getting paid and all our members have a positive experience and to deter consistent no-shows and late cancellations. These fees apply to everyone including members of HYC. Thank you for your understanding.
In order for everyone to get the very most out of their experience with us, we ask that you please familiarize yourself with our Late Cancellation & No Show Policy below.
**If something beyond your control happens, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know, and we will not charge the fee.

Yoga Class Cancellation Policy

Pre-registration is required for all classes due to limited class sizes. HYC requires a 2-hour notice to cancel in studio class reservations; in the event of a late cancellation or no-show, a $15 fee will be charged to the credit card on file. Class cancellations can be submitted via online through your MindBody account or by emailing the studio directly (emails must be sent 2 hours prior to class to be approved for early cancellation and avoid being charged) In your email please provide first and last name of reservation along with the date and time of class you are canceling. Please note that we do not accept phone/voicemail cancellations.

Log into MINDBODY, go to MY INFO, click MY SCHEDULE and click CANCEL next to the class time. Our policy requires you to cancel online with at least a 2 hour notice as stated in the class descriptions, your confirmation email, and our policy notice. You will receive a cancellation confirmation email. If you did not receive an email or you want to make sure your cancellation went through you can email us directly at

Early Class Cancellation

Early cancellations must be submitted 2 hours prior to class time to avoid the late cancel penalty. Pay-As-You-Go Clients will have the class they paid for credited back to their account so they can register for another class. We do not offer refunds for classes paid for that you’re not able to attend. We only offer class credit. Please note that we do not accept phone/voicemail cancellations.

Late Class Cancellation

Late cancellation is a class cancelled within 2 hours of class start time. We understand sometimes an unexpected absence can occur, but every late cancellation is subject to the $15 fee. Pay-As-You-Go Clients do not apply but the class fee paid will be forfeited. Please note that we do not accept phone/voicemail cancellations.

Absent No Show / No Cancel

An absent no-show / no-cancel is different from late canceling. It means you personally registered for a class that you no longer could attend and did not cancel your reservation or notify the studio and didn’t attend class. We ask that you ALWAYS cancel your class reservations if you are not able to attend even if it’s a late cancel. Please be mindful of the classes you registered for and hold yourself accountable to attend or to cancel if you can’t attend. Last minute cancellations and No-shows are hard on everyone. Our teachers are paid on class size, when you choose to not cancel and give the clients on the waitlist the opportunity to attend class it affects our members and our teachers. All class cancelations receive a cancelled confirmation email. If you tried canceling and you are not confident it worked please email the studio directly Please note that we do not accept phone/voicemail cancellations.

**We will not waive a No-show fee. All No-shows incur an automatic $15 charge. No Exceptions.

Waitlist Policy

If a class is full you may add yourself to the waitlist. If a cancellation is made, the first name on the waitlist gets automatically added to the class. If you are signed up for notifications, you will receive an email or text as soon as you are moved off the waitlist and into the class. Once you are added to the class from the waitlist you become RESPONSIBLE for attending or canceling your spot in the class. Please notify us if you did not get enough notice to attend the class and need to cancel. Waitlist clients will not be charged a late cancel fee if they are not able to attend class. However, if you do not cancel or notify us via email to cancel your spot you will be charged a NO SHOW fee of $15. You are responsible for managing your waitlist reservations. If you are on the waitlist, but you reach a point when you’d be unable to come to class even if you were moved into the class you must cancel your waitlist reservations.

To check your waitlist statue, log into MINDBODY, go to MY INFO, click MY SCHEDULE. If you got into the class it will say “WAITLIST UNCONFIRMED.” If you do not want to attend this class, be sure to REMOVE yourself or notify us via email at and we can remove you.