Your First Class…

You may not know what to expect – don’t worry we are here for you!
The first class can be very challenging; luckily, the more you come the easier it gets. Below is some information to help you be ready for your first class.


It’s the body’s way of cooling down, so let it happen. Your instinct will be to wipe, swipe, or blot – but the more you wipe, the hotter you get, and the more you sweat! It will be tough in the beginning, especially when trying to hold certain postures. After time, you will get used to it. Bonus: sweating is like a full-body facial.

Hydration & Food

Come to class hydrated and make sure to replenish fluids after class. As for food, each yogi is different, we suggest eating 1-2 hours before class.

What to wear

Wear light, fitted clothing that you can sweat and stretch in. Less is better.


  • Be on time. To make sure your stuff stays safe we lock the studio at the start of class.
  • Try to stay in the room the entire time. You may be tempted to “get some air” in the lobby or outside – stay in the room to let your body get used to the heat. If a posture becomes too intense, just take a break and sit or lie down. If you have to leave, exit quietly and make eye-contact with the teacher and let him/her know you are okay.
  • Personal belongings. We have lockers to store your personal items. Please only bring your mat, towel, and water into the room – no cell phones (they can be distracting).
  • Front row. Since the teacher does not demonstrate the postures, look to the students in the front row as an example of what to do.
  • During class. Listen to the instructor and try every posture to the best of your ability. Go with the flow to maintain the energy of the class.

After your first class is done

You made it! Congratulations!! Make sure you come back within 24 hours of your first class to really gain all the benefits. Also… tell your family and friends, and “Like” us on Facebook 🙂

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