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Patti Heyer

My yoga journey began in 2005 when I took my first HOT YOGA class. I was immediately drawn to the physicality of the practice and the inner determination required to “make it through”. A gymnast, a dancer, and a yogi, I never stop exploring the many disciplines of yoga and creative movements of the body. As I share the teachings of Hot Yoga 26&2 and variations of Vinyasa Flow, my voice is calming, yet laced with enthusiasm and passion, and I strive for students to feel empowered and ready for more. My hope is to create a non-judgmental atmosphere in the yoga studio, understanding and accepting the diverse bodies and minds that show up on the mat to work on inner, and outer development. The journey of life, of yoga, of mindfulness, is enhanced by exploration. If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on being what you’ve always been, so have fun with your practice, tweak it here and there, change it up and see where it takes you.