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LouAnn Melgar

I had never tried yoga and decided to start with Hot Vinyasa, I went to a hot power vinyasa class so challenging I thought “wow is this guy trying to torture me?” – he ended up being my master teacher and guru, if it were not for him I would not be as strong as I am today. Ten years later my practice has never waivered and while I will be the first to tell anyone I’m not a natural athlete, I still managed to run a marathon in 2015. I remember the frustration of how long it took me to get my headstand and I still curse pigeon to this day, I am an ordinary yogi. I come to my mat every day with the same insecurities, hopes and aspirations as my students do, what I can share is that I know that through the practice, community and perseverance that anything is possible! I got my certification in 2017 just for me, for my personal development and growth, to challenge myself. When I was given the opportunity to teach my world was forever changed. My approach to teaching is simple, I come with a light, open heart and a warm smile. I truly believe from the depths of my soul that when people come together, breathe together, sweat together, set intentions together and move together that it makes the world a better place. My favorite quote…”Don’t be the reason why someone feels bad. Be the reason they feel awake, elevated, empowered & magical.” – THAT is how I want you to feel when you leave my class.