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Kevin Mendez

I took my first yoga class in August 2012. I wasn’t exactly hooked. The room was hot and very humid. By the time the class was on the floor, I was looking for my way out. I wasn’t sure if yoga was for me because I hadn’t studied, researched or done my homework on yoga, I just showed up. On the advice of the teachers I came back 24 hours later and took my second class which wasn’t much better than the first. After ten classes or so, I began to feel and see the benefits.

I’m a carpet cleaner by trade and have had multiple back and repetitive motions issues. This practice has healed my back and made me better at my trade. FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT! So I found myself practicing six to seven days a week, yes, I was hooked (and still am). I completed teacher training through Yoga Alliance R.Y.S. 200 hours in 2015.

“To see change and growth through this practice is a beautiful thing” – Kevin Mendez