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Kelly Crumpacker​

My journey with yoga was slow and in the beginning, I would say I found yoga. I first came to my practice seventeen years ago, needing a two unit class to fulfill my full time college freshmen schedule. I stepped in and out of a regular practice over several years, coming back to it when I craved the slower breath and strong, yet mindful movement. But it wasn’t until the birth and death of my son three years ago, that I realized yoga had found me.

Yoga has taught me through breath, movement, and self-study, that you can heal, find clarity & peace, and above all, just feel really darn good. It is my medicine, my release, where I find strength, grounding, and always a warm embrace. I love the power of unified breath and movement – that I don’t have to know exactly what the person next to me is going through, but knowing that we are all moving and offering our practice to the greater good and happiness for all is truly uplifting and magical.

I believe there is joy and strength in simplicity; that a vigorous practice doesn’t always have to involve the complicated, twisty turny, insane handstand variations or crazy postures. In my classes you will find mindful movement, the warm sound of a harmonium, a sense of love and gratitude, and a safe space to be yourself.