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Neo Blair

My Yoga addiction has been a progressive source of well being. I’ve had some difficulties in life achieving balance and well being and, no tool I implement for health is more valuable than Hot Yoga. When I was eleven years old I was diagnosed with scoliosis and the specialist at the time recommended I take Classical Ballet as well as wear a corrective device in my shoe. I fell in love with ballet and to this day I still identify as a dancer… So, one can imagine how much I took to Yoga when a friend finally dragged me to my first class. This was about 17 years ago when I was still under the impression that Yoga was too basic, some form of stretching and breathing technique that was easy…. Imagine my surprise when the heat started blaring and the class got serious, and I started thinking to myself “WHAT THE… THIS IS HARDER THAN BALLET!?” The wonderful people in the Yoga world embraced my fidgety, painful detox and within two weeks of daily classes I had found my happiness again and restored my body to a place of internal balance and mental well being… It wasn’t easy, there were times I was in full emotional overload in class and that’s the best part of hot yoga – no one can see when you have angry tears – you’re drenched in sweat! The hardcore detox and the heat is worth it because,

I am a new Man and I love life again.