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Christina Burke

Christina is a devoted student & yogini. She is kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and inspiring. She found yoga in 2016 during a transformational stage of her life. After just a few sessions she was hooked by the overall sense of positivity, power and self love the time on her mat had given her. Yoga has provided her a space to be, to slow down and to open up emotionally and mentally. She found her new purpose in life and has focused on surrounding herself with like minded souls. She has a passion for people, and is always striving to be impeccable and impactful in all that she does. She values the productivity of a dedicated heart, the sensibility of a collected mind, and the authenticity of simple human interaction. Through her own trials in life she knows that healing is a lifelong process. She wants to provide a supportive space to help those around her to help them surrender. Christina has a creative soul that is inspired by the desire to share knowledge, experience, and to contribute to global consciousness. She is happy to be doing just that as a Sacred Geometry Artist and Marketing Assistant at Hot Yoga Club. All those beautiful photos you see on our social media platform are hers. She has a growing passion for photography. Her goal is to help people to uncage themselves and coach them to realize that they are loved and good enough. Outside of the yoga studio you can catch her running through nature, reading a good book, sipping coffee at a local coffee shop, listening to a podcast, or in the kitchen concocting a new delicious recipe. She’s a seeker at heart always looking for meaning, symbols and secrets hidden in the natural world.