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Chelsea West

Chelsea is a Chico native.  She has worked as a registered nurse in the ER at Feather River Hospital for the past six years. Earlier this year, Chelsea made a commitment to herself to live the healthiest life she could both mentally and physically but more than that; live a life of authenticity. In the summer of 2017, she flew to Central America and completed her 200 hour YTT. As you find yourself on your mat in one of Chelsea’s classes, you will feel empowered and begin to develop a safe practice that allows you to explore from asana to asana, and become awakened to the power of being present.  You will be challenged and supported in a way that will strengthen your mind and body as you move and breath.

Her yoga journey has allowed her to see herself fully and live wholeheartedly.  “Through this practice, I am filled with gratitude every day and I am so excited to share it with others.”