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Chelsea Smith

Born and raised in Chico California, Chelsea is a local to this area. In 2010, while completing her master’s degree in anthropology, Chelsea found yoga as a way to cope with the stressful demands of her academic life. She learned how yoga can help reduce anxiety, increase focus, and energize the body. Since this time Chelsea has utilized yoga as a therapeutic approach to deepen her understanding about what it means to live a healthy and authentic life.
Chelsea received her Yoga Alliance 200-hour teacher training certification in 2017. Previous to teacher training Chelsea got her certification as a yoga assistor in 2014 and has spent the past four years and over 500 hours helping students deepen their practice through massage and alignment based adjustments. Chelsea specializes in Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Restorative, and Iyengar. Her personal yogic philosophy is one of alignment and balance. Chelsea’s classes are guided by her knowledge of anatomy, pranayama, and eastern medicine. An important component to Chelsea’s teaching style is her belief that individuals know what is best for their own body, thus she encourages her students to harness the power of yoga to turn their attention inward and get to know themselves on a deep inner level. Her classes are infused with passion, grounding, and lightheartedness. She delivers a practice that is truly unique and tailored to meet the needs of her students. Chelsea’s favorite quote, “Those who love wisdom must investigate many things” -Heraclitus