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Casey Starmer

Casey was born right here in Chico, California. He began his Yogic journey in 2005 when he discovered the art of meditation for therapeutic purposes. Casey spent several years practicing daily breath work using a variety of techniques. A deep calling to nature and the park, Casey spent most of his time in meditation near a stream in Bidwell park.
After attending a Rocket Yoga class in 2005, Casey’s mind was blown.  He had never attended a yoga class before, and the combination of movement and breath, mixed with the intense fully body experience changed his whole outlook on self-transformation. Three years later in 2014 Casey spent almost three months in an ashram in Cambodia, where his knowledge and practice deepened exponentially. In 2016 he attended It’s Yoga Nica, in Ostional, Nicaragua where he received his 200 hour teacher training.  During that time he was trained in a modified version of the Primary series of Ashtanga Yoga.
Casey has a deep desire to help other people overcome stress, and to teach techniques to improve their well-being.   Using the knowledge he has accumulated over the course of the last several years, he hopes to patiently and safely assist everyone who comes into his class so that they can experience the physical, and mental benefits associated with asana and meditation.