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Sacred Shamanic Sound Journey with Bryan Anthony

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Saturday December 2nd 2-4pm 
Sacred Shamanic Sound Journey with Bryan Anthony
The time has come for us to call upon the Elements of Earth, the Wisdom of The Ancient Ones, and the Power of Sound to help us heal, harmonize, and step into the light of our true divine nature.
This Sacred Shamanic Sound Journey is an opportunity to relax and release the tension that keeps our true selves suspended in a web of fear and stress. Within the healing cocoon of acoustic sound–facilitated through various sacred instruments and vocal expression–we can once again drop back into our hearts and truly LISTEN to what our authentic self has to say. We can experience a state of balanced awareness where answers to our troubles come freely and can emerge from the chrysalis refreshed, renewed, and ready to be who we are meant to be.
Sound is one of the most profound healing tools we have access to and when it is woven with powerful intention, has the potential to take us to states of awareness not yet previously encountered. The only requirement is a willingness to show up and a willingness to receive that which is for our most harmonious path of healing.

This is an RSVP only event with limited space. There is a $30 Drop In to reserve a space / FREE for Members 

PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN YOGA MAT AND/OR ANY OTHER PILLOWS/BLANKETS need to be comfortable lying down for most of the time.