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September 28th – November 18th 2018
8 Weekends Friday-Sunday
Tuition: $2000
Non-refundable Deposit:$500 by September 7, 2018
Got Questions? Email: HYC.management@hotyogaclub.com


The 200 HR RYS Educational Categories are:

Techniques & Practice
In depth education and analysis of traditional yoga techniques such as asanas, pranayamas, mantra, and meditation; guided practice of the techniques studied as well as guided and individual meditation practice each training weekend

Teaching Methodology
Analytical study of teaching styles and styles of learning; how and when to utilize demonstration, observation, assists, and adjustments; qualities of a yoga teacher

Anatomy and Physiology
human anatomy and physiology as well as the yogic body; learning to apply this knowledge to the yoga student; understanding benefits and contraindications of yoga poses

Yoga Philosophy
A study of yoga philosophies and lifestyles; ethics for a yoga teacher

Observing Practicum
Trainees will attend, observe, yoga classes taught by fellow trainees during in-classroom hours

Assist/Adjust Practicum
Trainees will assist and adjust one another during in-classroom hours and public yoga classes

Teaching Practicum
Each trainee will teach postures and sets of postures throughout the course; towards the end of the course each trainee will teach 2 30 minute segments of a class and one 60 minute yoga class during in-classroom training hours